Staff Profile
John Florio
Licensed Real Estate Agent, Auctioneer/Principal

Selecting the right team to sell your property is something that requires careful consideration. Your choice of agent directly affects the impression your potential buyers receive when inspecting your home.

Perhaps the most critical factor is finding an agent who can balance your need for a strong sales outcome, without having to hire an agent with an overbearing ego that both you, and your potential buyers, may not enjoy dealing with.

John Florio has rapidly established a remarkable reputation in Earlwood. With a calm, polished, unfussed demeanour, John displays none of the bravado some might expect from an accomplished agent, with such a strong client base.

Although it may not sound unique, John really is driven by a simple desire to achieve the best possible outcome for his and Sandra's clients, as smoothly as humanly possible. Together, John and Sandra Marano bring a rare level of integrity, dedication, passion and easy personal style to the sale or leasing of your property.

John's honest and direct communication has been of enormous comfort to a long history of satisfied clients. As one client put it, John is 'someone who genuinely cares, in an industry where some people pretend to care and don't. He rarely puts himself first, which is quite astonishing, in fact very rare indeed.'

John's focus is to continuously achieve the best results for Earlwood Real Estate nsw clients, but to do so with care, professionalism, and above all, respect. His focus is upon your interests at all times and that's why John is such a pivotal part of Sandra and John's business.

Call John today on 9559 2500 or 0418 165 510
T: 02 9559 2500
M: 0418 165 510
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